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A dancer gestures, precise and intimate. A musician sings an otherworldly scale. A poet whirls and wanders through language and imagery vibrant and divine. Moving, transcendent, impactful. And you want more.

You need the story, the meaning, the context that imbues each artist's work and world. You need 12x12.

Discover the world of the artist with Intercultural Journeys and the Leeway Foundation during 12x12, a performance series running on second Wednesdays from May through September.

It's a simple formula: 12 minutes of performance. 12 minutes of a deep dive into the artist's practice. 12 minutes for the audience to ask questions. Take a 12 minute break. And begin again.

The inaugural cohort of artists includes Elba Hevia y Vaca, Gabriela Sanchez, Kavindu Ade, LaTreice Branson, and Eiko Fan, in performances ranging from flamenco to performative sculpture. Intimate, intriguing, and profound, come experience a perfect fusion of art and dialogue.

Tickets are pay-what-you-can, with a suggested $12 price, and a $1 minimum.