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3701 Chestnut St
Philadelphia, PA, 19104
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(215) 387-2310

Intercultural Journeys seeks to promote understanding in pursuit of peace among people of diverse faiths and cultures through dialogue and the presentation of world-class music performances and other art forms.


My City Needs...

Carly Rapaport-Stein

Students at Parkway NW High School for Peace and Social Justice. Photo by Aidan Un. 

Students at Parkway NW High School for Peace and Social Justice. Photo by Aidan Un. 

In addition to performances, Intercultural Journeys also offers a variety of educational opportunities to youth in Philadelphia and the surrounding region. These engagements can range from one-time performances or discussions featuring our season artists to full-scale arts and social residencies. The goal with our educational programming is to use the arts to inspire and cultivate social consciousness and awareness - something that is often lacking in general education. All too frequently, youth are confronted with challenging issues in their own communities and are left with little guidance on how to process the things they are confronted with as well as their relationships with each other, their community, and the world at large. Our residency program is called Arts and Agency, and you can find updates on our various residencies under the appropriate header on our main website. 

Recently, we completed our first Arts and Agency residency at Parkway NW High School for Peace and Social Justice. The Native Portals Education Project was created in collaboration with our 2015/16 season artist, 2016 Pew Fellow and 2015 Leeway Transformation Award Winner Lela Aisha Jones. During the residency, Lela worked with the ninth grade students to to create pathways and entry points for students to continually explore individual agency, social responsibility, social consciousness, and social action through movement and creative process. You can read more about the residency, including comments from Lela and the students and watch videos documenting the process by clicking on the link below, or by traveling to the Arts and Agency header above, and select "Parkway NW High School."