World-class artists take a turn in the spotlight with Intercultural Journeys’ Main Stage performance series. Drawing from music, dance, the spoken word, and other art forms, Intercultural Journeys presents vibrant and intriguing work that amplifies diverse cultural perspective

Community Engagement

Dialogue, a core component of Intercultural Journeys’ mission, influences all of our community programs. Reflecting each artist’s background and interests, community programs are uniquely tied to each mainstage artist, and can include panel discussions, pre-concert lectures, interactive workshops, and post-concert talkbacks, providing an in-depth opportunity to understand multiple aspects of each artist’s work.



Intercultural Journeys’ educational work uses the arts and artistic practice as a catalyst for creativity, presenting workshops, day-long artist intensives, and multi-week residencies that use the performing arts as a conduit for self-expression, dialogue, and social consciousness.



Philadelphia Yoruba Performance Project

Joining community historians, artists, and spiritual and cultural practitioners in an exploration of the history and contemporary expressions of Yoruba-rooted practices and their role in shaping Philadelphia’s social and cultural landscape.