Adeeb Refela

Oud, violin, guitar

I always say that art can tell more of a story and deliver more meaning, even when speaking can sometimes cripple a dialogue. I see how much Udi Bar-David’s mission with IJ is helping to promote and create tolerance throughout the world and that makes me love to work with them.

Born in Cairo, Egypt, in 1957, Adeeb Refela began playing the Oud at the age of seventeen.  Within his first year, he had distinguished himself as a true talent within the Oud community.  After continued study, Mr. Refela is also an accomplished violinist and classical guitarist.


In his first year at Egypt's  Ain Shams University, Adeeb Refela entered into an Oud contest and won first place.  Soon after, he was awarded second place in an amateur Oudist competition that included participants from around the world.  What continues to set Mr. Refela apart from many Oudist is his strength in Takassim.