Yoruba Diasporic Workshop:

Singin’ Movin’ Talkin’ Osun Oxum Ochún

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Yoruba rooted and transatlantic diasporic traditions have migrated globally. When they land, communities interpret, translate, and diversify retentions in relationship to their homegrown lived experiences and potentials.

Please join Modupúe | Ibaye: The Philadelphia Yoruba Performance Project for a distinctive movement, song, and dialogue based workshop featuring facilitators Dr. Nzinga Metzger (Nigeria), Cleonice Fonseca (Brazil), Gilset Mora (Cuba), and live percussion.

The aim of this project's public programming is to offer a diverse set of performative experiences stemming from Yoruba-rooted artistry, culture, and spirituality.

Performance Garage

1515 Brandywine Street

Philadelphia, PA, 19130
United States

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Major support for Modupúe | Ibaye has been provided by The Pew Center for Arts & Heritage.