Fundraising Challenge 2012

Intercultural Journeys Announces Fundraising Challenge for 2012

We at Intercultural Journeys believe that performances, done for the purpose of bringing people together that might otherwise be in conflict, give us the opportunity to play a small part in contributing to world peace.

To advance our work and make these performances happen, we depend upon the financial support of individuals, corporations, and organizations. This support helps pay for the musicians, the performance spaces, and the follow-up workshops. Some of our summer projects include:

  • Engagement of an arts consultant to enhance our business model through a William Penn Foundation grant
  • Creation of our10th Anniversary Season highlighting Peace Day Philly and Carnegie Hall programs

Our challenge: raise $36,000 from individual donors by December 31. Our challenge to you: help us get there with a contribution today.

If you believe in our mission to promote understanding in pursuit of peace among people of diverse faiths and conflicting cultures through dialogue and the presentation of world-class performances in music, dance, the spoken word, and other art forms, then please support us with a contribution.