Announcing the 2015/16 Season: The Artistry of Identity and Transformation

Since 2001, Intercultural Journeys has been driven by a mission of pairing dialogue with live music performance as a means of promoting greater understanding and peace among communities of different faiths and cultures. Having presented over 150 concerts throughout the U.S. and internationally, Intercultural Journeys has been successfully sharing its message of peace and reconciliation with eager audiences worldwide.

As we refocus our efforts in the greater Philadelphia region, we are broadening our programming to present innovative collaborations and compelling artists from different disciplines who represent diverse cultural perspectives. In addition to featuring these artists in live performance, Intercultural Journeys maintains a commitment to facilitating dialogue and community exchange with our artists throughout the season via workshops, panel discussions, arts residencies, pre/post-concert talks, and other forums. We are also developing new creative partnerships with other local organizations and institutions to expand our programmatic reach, such as our valued partnership with the International House of Philadelphia where we are currently presenting our season concerts.

We are thrilled to announce our upcoming 2015/16 season, The Artistry of Identity and Transformation, in which we consider the relationships between artistic practice, cultural identity, and the role of artistry in social transformation. Below you will find more information about each of the featured artists this season. We will soon be sending out more season updates as we schedule our community engagement activities. We look forward to connecting with you this season through meaningful dialogue and captivating performances.

Alex Shaw, Curator &  Lindsey S. Crane, Managing Director

Click to download the 15/16 Season Postcard