Intercultural Journeys is made up of passionate people who value diverse cultures, are curious about the world, and want to make a big impact. Throughout November and December, we'll share their stories of giving - their stories of why they think IJ makes a difference in the world.

"Intercultural Journeys promotes values close to my heart. Through its annual concert series, IJ brings together artists from diverse backgrounds and cultures to create meaningful, engaging experiences celebrating our shared humanity.  In addition, IJ funds artist residency programs where school children are taught the importance of tolerance, active listening, and understanding – all skills that I hope to instill in my two young daughters. In a time when the daily news can be overwhelmingly negative, I support IJ because I believe we can come together through the common language of the performance arts and move towards a more peaceful and compassionate world, one heart and one mind at a time."

-- Renee Garcia, Intercultural Journeys Board Member