Alex Shaw: #WhyIGive


Intercultural Journeys is made up of passionate people who value diverse cultures, are curious about the world, and want to make a big impact. Throughout November and December, we'll share their stories of giving - their stories of why they think IJ makes a difference in the world.

I believe in the hard work that Intercultural Journeys  does to engage our community through artistry and dialogue. IJ recognizes the importance of creating spaces for socially conscious artists to exchange with the community; culturally diverse artists who are working to engage challenging social issues; community-based artists who can offer tools and insight toward empathy and transformation. From classrooms to performance venues, I have witnessed the profound impact that these cultural exchanges and experiences have had on both community members and artists alike. IJ is committed to sustaining spaces for these exchanges. Will you join me, and support IJ today?

-- Alex Shaw, Intercultural Journeys' Curator