12x12: Naya El


Wednesday, July 10 at 7 pm

Bartram’s Garden

5400 Lindbergh Boulevard

Stilt dancer Naya El soars 12 feet high in this vivid and thoughtful 12x12. Exploring how stilt dancers and women create and take up space in the world, Naya uses her unique art form to illuminate artistic process, redefine habits and ritual, and celebrate the shaking and awakening of a body in motion.

About Naya

Naya is a Jamaican stilt dance performer and social artist who enjoys exploring moments that transcend resistance and bask in liberation. Naya has studied physical theatre and performance at Drake University and has continued her studies at Wise Fool New Mexico, Dance & Performance Institute, Trinidad & Tobago, and Pig Iron. Her work has been featured in Dance USA’s “Passport Travel Through Resistance”, SUPERObject’s “Birth”, and Black Quantum Futurist’s “Black Bodies as Conductors of Gravity.”


This 12x12 performance is presented in partnership with Bartram's Garden.