Keisha Hutchins in performance, March 2017. Photo: Natasha Cohen-Carroll.

Keisha Hutchins in performance, March 2017. Photo: Natasha Cohen-Carroll.


World-class artists take a turn in the spotlight with Intercultural Journeys’ mainstage performance series. Drawing from music, dance, the spoken word, and other art forms, Intercultural Journeys presents vibrant and intriguing work that amplifies diverse cultural perspectives.


2017-18 Season: Borders & Boundaries

Borders. Political, personal, and arbitrary, our boundaries can define us—and define how others view us. Navigate the boundaries with us this season, as Intercultural Journeys crosses between genres, genders, and geography to explore the real and imaginary lines that lend definition to our world.

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My Voice, Our Voice | Mi Voz Nuestra Voz: May 18 and 19

Classical flamenco form unites with 21st century feminism, igniting the virtuosic stylings of Pasión y Arte.

Under the artistic direction of Elba Hevia y Vaca, Pasión y Arte strengthens flamenco’s legacy while expanding the trajectory of modern feminist flamenco. Grounded in rich complexities and histories, Pasión y Arte features the transcendent interplay of flamenco dance, music and cante, side-by-side with debut excerpts of a collaborative work by Elba Hevia y Vaca and postmodern dancer/choreographer Annie Wilson.