Intercultural Journeys was born out of a profound journey. While traveling in the Middle East, founders Carole Haas Gravagno and Udi Bar-David visited Buddhist, Muslim, and Christian villages as Udi, a classically trained cellist, presented concerts of classical Western, Israeli, and Arabic influenced music. Watching audience members respond to the performances, Carole and Udi were moved as they saw how the music transcended the listeners' perceived conflicts of culture and faith, uniting them without words. Together with two other like-minded individuals, Majid Alsayegh and Sheldon Thompson, the four founded Intercultural Journeys in 2002, spurred to action after 9/11 in the belief that art that finds, celebrates, and promotes our common humanity, and that cultural expression is a crucial component of moving dialogue forward. The four founders were united in their shared passion for bringing people together and bridging cultural divides through the arts, particularly music, and the programming reflected that deeply held belief. 

Their legacy continues today, as IJ produces vibrant performances and events that offer a window into diverse cultures, fostering engagement and productive dialogue around difficult, challenging, or conflict-laden issues. We believe that art offers a starting point for rich and productive multicultural dialogue, and we invite you to join us throughout the year and add to the conversation.

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