Rosy Simas Danse

Rosy Simas . Photo: Tim Rummelhoff, Courtesy McKnight Fellowships for Choreographers.

Rosy Simas. Photo: Tim Rummelhoff, Courtesy McKnight Fellowships for Choreographers.

Friday, March 8 and Saturday, March 9 at 7:30 pm

Performance Garage

1515 Brandywine St


Native choreographer Rosy Simas (Seneca) breathes life into Weave, a dance project drawn from the interwoven and interdependent nature of our world. Like its namesake, Weave traces the vibrant threads of individual and embodied stories, uniting in an interdisciplinary performance woven of story, dance, moving image, and sound.

For many Indigenous peoples, weaving is a way of life, an individual and communal act in which cultural stories and tribal knowledge are conveyed. Stories within cultural materials seem invisible, intangible, until they are made and shared. Weave crafts our stories though Simas’ embodied lens as a Native feminist movement and image-maker.

Weave builds on the model Simas created for Skin(s) (2016) employing a Native circular model of creation of birth-life-death-birth. There is no "premiere," but the work develops cyclically through research, rehearsal, and performance, with community participation in multiple cities informing the process, via workshops, open rehearsals, interviews, and online discussions. This continual feedback loop disrupts conventional performance expectations, by creating work that is always evolving, with local audience interactions reshaping the work with each performance.

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General Admission: $20 online / $25 in person

Under 30 and Arts Industry Professionals: $15 online / $20 in person